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We have eliminated negative votes!

December 16, 2009

We would like to communicate to the entire ideas4all Community that, after in-depth analysis of the different opinions within the team that makes up ideas4all and of the opinions received from users, and even after considering the debate generated in a forum created by various members of this community in Facebook, we have decided to eliminate negative votes.

We have taken into account the fact that some users only used this option in order to harm other ideas, and have finally decided it was best to eliminate the negative vote from ideas4all. If you disagree with this decision, you can leave a comment, freely expressing your opinion and how you value our decision.

In any case, as you all know, negative votes have not been taken into consideration in any of our competitions since January 2009. This means that the decision will not affect any ideas taking part in promotions, such as the latest Challenge of the Month, where we look for ideas to improve Christmas. We invite you to take part, there is a 400 $ prize and two 200 $ prizes. Click here for more information

Greetings from the team at ideas4all

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Ideas4all has a new chat!

September 10, 2009

Many of our ideators have been asking for a Chat; a place to communicate with other users, to exchange opinions and get to better know one another. We have listened to your request!

You can now enjoy our chat which you will find in the Community tab in the Menu, or you can access by clicking HERE.

We will try to improve it and add new features, but for the time being, we hope you have fun participating and talking to other members of the ideas4all Community.

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Service suspension at ideas4all

May 22, 2009

We would like to inform you that there will be a 3-hour interruption of services at on May 26th, starting 4pm (GMT+1), to carry out maintenance and add improvements to our site. We’re sorry for the inconvenience, but it will be worth it!

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Ideas4all is already in Facebook and Twitter!

April 13, 2009

From a few weeks ago, ideas4all is already on Facebook, the social net with the highest growth rate. We have opened our official Fanpage and are already 64 members.
Here we will publish the latest events happening at the web, articles posted on the blog and two daily ideas selected from between all of your good ideas.

It is really easy to become Fan. If you already have a Facebook account, you only have to click here or look for us under our name: ideas4all.

Of course, ideas4all is also on Twitter, the most widely used net of micro blogging. To follow us click here.

It is easy. There are always more ways to stay in contact with ideas4all!

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July 21, 2008

Great Beginning !!! ideas4all has started since open to all, the 15th of July, flying across the world.

As of yesterday the 20th of July, ideas4all counting our beta closed period has 1.116 ideas and 329 problems, with 1.614 registered users, which divide in 741 ideators and 285 questors, among which there are around 70 that have posted both

Considering the number of ideas 1.116 and the number of ideators 741 the average number of ideas per ideator is already 1,5 very good news. Over 150 navigators have been active in other activities such as voting and commenting although have yet not posted any ideas of their own and over 500 have just been looking and familiarizing themselves with the site.

Considering only the new visits since we launched last week we have become very international. It started on the 15th with visits from 6 countries: Spain, Argentina, Mexico, India, Italy and the US

Two days later on the 17th we were in 12 countries , we doubled our geographical presence, and after yesterday’s close ideas4all had visitors from 34 Countries which were ranked by visits as follows

Spain, Argentina, Mexico, Chile, India, US, Paraguay, UK, Peru, Canada, Colombia, Germany, Brazil, Australia, Netherlands, Italy, Ireland, New Zealand, Dominican Republic, France, Venezuela, Saudi Arabia, Czech Republic, China, Israel, Uruguay, Sweden, Andorra, Lithuania, Belgium, Barbados, Ecuador, Hong Kong and Poland.

If consider the cumulative figures, we need to add other 25 countries totalling 59 countries Ireland , Japan, Russia, Norway, Equatorial Guinea, Greece, Denmark, Bulgaria, Pakistan, Singapore, Romania, Switzerland, Egypt, Turkey, Puerto Rico, South Africa, Namibia, Guatemala, Panama, Cuba, Costa Rica, Portugal, Nigeria, Malaysia, Nicaragua as well.

If you want your Country to scale up the ladder post many many ideas to increase the rankings and positions … start like others have done so far, to fly ideas around the World!

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July 17, 2008

Yesterday we had 10.300 quotes on Google search and were featured on the Spanish online blog community, this morning we find the online press and Spanish news agency EFE covered us widely. Today we are also appearing in US, UK and Canadian media. Google references have increased by 4.000, now a t 14.300. Great!!

We appear now in Forbes

“ideas4all is a community where people can share ideas, provide help and join forces seeking to improve the world we live in and where utility is not at odds with fun. The Web site will be available into two languages (English, Spanish) and shortly in Japanese and over 1,000 ideas have been posted already in a pre-test. It follows the concept of Web 2.0, helping to build the so-called “Global Brain” so that a host of creators of ideas can link up and work together. “Global Brain” is a metaphor for the way in which people can interact to create a collective intelligence.”

In Tall Skinny Kiwi -among the top 100 UK bloggers- we appear with this quote

Teilhard de Chardin would be impressed with the global brain idea. Thanks Patricia for the heads up. I already posted my first idea (sunglasses with camera for streaming live video through phone networks to sites like and my first problem (how to locate potential social entrepreneurs for possible funding or training or networking)”

Where Patricia says,
“It is the brainchild of internet maven, Ana Maria Llopis. Llopis, creator of Open Value, Spain’s first online brokerage source, among other web-applications. Llopis founded Ideas4all with intent to stimulate the organic development of ideas; from life-changing innovations, to small everyday ideas.”

We are featured in digital media networks

Its global mission is to attract a wide range of ideas and help improve the world we live in. ??

In the Wallstreet online

“ideas4all has been created, therefore, with the aim of providing the right platform for people interested in presenting their ideas, so that a great idea no longer gets lost or overlooked. It is also the place to pose challenges and help people who need solutions. Users can create ideas, pose problems, collaborate in developments or simply browse, give their opinion and vote on the best ideas”

ideas4all also appear on pr-inside by H&K our PR agency world wide Smita Topolski from US. In San Francisco, Extra technology blog, Topix, TMC net news, ad-hoc news, emediawire, buzz tracker, have featured mainly based on Business Wire, EON/ PRWEB. In Washington, Trading

We have a Canadian reference from PR WEB Canada

“An idea refers to anything that a person creates in order to turn it into something useful. With ideas4all our aim is to bring together each and every idea posted to contribute to the

In Spain yahoo finanzas, Optize, Conputerworld from IDG, Mr Wong, ojointernet, blodico, orbitando, linkloo, asksblogger o youtube blogs, and others also have referenced or added comments today also on Keegy Panama and US where people are voting.

To all of you welcome!!

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Scheduled interruption in service

July 10, 2008

Next Thursday, July 15th, ideas4all will open doors and remove current password restrictions.

In order to tune our infrastructure in USA there will be an interruption in service for about 30 minutes in the following time interval:

10th July: 22:00-22:30 UTC (Universal Time, GMT)

This time interval in other time zones (please note, this is a unique time interval all over the world, the difference in date and time is due solely to differences in time zones):

10th July
23:00 – 23:30 WED (Western Europe Daylight, GMT+1, UK, Portugal, Ireland, Canary Islands -Spain-)
18:00 – 15:30 EDT (Eastern Daylight Time, Eastern US, New York, Washington)
17:00 – 17:30 CDT (Central Daylight Time, Central US, Austin, Chicago, New Orleans)
16:00 – 16:30 MDT (Mountain Daylight Time, Mountain US, Denver, Phoenix)
15:00 – 15:30 PDT (Pacific Daylight Time, Pacific US, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle)

11th July
03:30 – 04:00 IST (Indian Standard Time, India)
00:00 – 00:30 CED (Central Europe Daylight, GMT+2, Spain -Rest of-, France, Germany, Italy)

In case you have any doubt about your Time Zone, you may visit

We are working to improve service. Thank you very much for your support.

The ideas4all Team.

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Notice: service interruption for maintenance on Thursday 27

Scheduled interruption in service

June 17, 2008

Due to scheduled maintenance, tomorrow, Wednesday, June 18th, there will likely be an interruption in service for about 10 minutes. in the following time interval:

13:00 – 13:20 UTC (Universal Time, GMT)

This time interval in other time zones:

18:30 – 18:50 IST (Indian Standard Time, India)

14:00 – 14:20 WED (Western Europ Daylight, GMT+1, UK, Portugal, Ireland, Canary Islands)
15:00 – 15:20 CED (Central Europe Daylight, GMT+2, UK, Spain, France, Germany, Italy)

09:00 – 09:20 EDT (Eastern Daylight Time, Eastern US, New York, Washington)
08:00 – 08:20 CDT (Central Daylight Time, Central US, Austin, Chicago, New Orleans)
07:00 – 07:20 MDT (Mountain Daylight Time, Mountain US, Denver, Phoenix)
06:00 – 06:20 PDT (Pacific Daylight Time, Pacific US, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle)

In case you have any doubt about your Time Zone, you may visit

We are working to improve service.

Thank you very much for your support.

The ideas4all Team.

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