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Equality for women means progress 4all. In ideas4all women’s ideas have a space

March 8, 2014

Today Saturday 8th of March we celebrate the International Women’s Day, and I did not want to let this occasion go by without thanking all ideas4all team, users, ideat@rs and specially all women that represent a fundamental part of this collectivity. I would also like to thank @ll of you women for being there, for thinking, giving and sharing ideas for a better world, for all the job well done which allows day after day to improve ideas4all users and ideas4all Innovation Agora customers satisfaction, via the democratization process of the innovation chain, and our continuous growth even at these times of crisis in order to become the worlds greatest ideas social network.

Ban Ki-moon, the Secretary General of the United Nations said this week in a statement for this very symbolic day and week, which is becoming more and more relevant for what it represents:

“Countries with more gender equality have better economic growth. Companies with more women leaders perform better. Peace agreements that include women are more durable. Parliaments with more women enact more legislation on key social issues such as health, education, anti-discrimination and child support. The evidence is clear: equality for women means progress 4all.”

Women will represent the development and progress motor in the XXI century; it is been said that they will become the great superpower as a group, because more and more they will participate in the decisions of Enterprises and Global Companies, Institutions and Governments. And it will be women who will create more companies and SMEs that consequently will create the most women’s jobs around the world.

Dilma Rousseff The voice of democracy, the voice of women, the first woman in history to address the general Assembly of the United Nations, 2011.

That this week will not only be a week for thought from all of us in an isolated punctual manner on our values, where we give ideas for an equalitarian world and that from this ideas thousand of other ideas arise for new companies to be created, companies that respect, commit and behave in equality, diversity and equity in a continuous uninterrupted manner.

In our open social network of ideas, women ideas represent around 30% of total. Lets post more ideas, women’s ideas are needed, they are half of the potential ideas of humanity and here they have a space, their space.

Ana María Llopis
President and CEO ideas4all

To see the History of this Day

“Woman is the companion of man, gifted with equal mental capacity…
If by strength is meant moral power, then woman is immeasurably man’s superior…
If non-violence is the law of our being, the future is with women…”
Mahatma Gandhi

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ideas4all on the Social Media Map 2014

February 25, 2014

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ideas4all’s Top 10 for 2013

Discover “ideas4all Innovation Review” our weekly newspaper that filters news on innovation for you

January 22, 2014

Today sees the launch of our new digital newspaper, using the tool Under the name “ideas4all Innovation Review”, we will filter every week’s best news, photos and videos on innovation.

The weekly edition will be available every Wednesday. Now you can keep up to date on the latest novelties, trends, programs, while you also uncover a source of inspiration…who knows, you might even learn to let out the innovator inside all of us.

If you are registered in ideas4all, you will receive our paper every Wednesday in your inbox. If you are not, please register here.

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ideas4all’s Top 10 for 2013

December 26, 2013

We want to share our ideas4all Top 10 for 2013
Check out here they are!

1. JAGM-Georgy
2. Kreaten
3. badfaith
4. Nikita
5. cony7090
6. santiagohg2
8. zebyaneitor
9. Memm
10. yanquijunior / ELTELERA

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Let’s talk about Social Business, because business is social

August 26, 2013

The new book by Stephan Fuetterer has been presented: “Social Business”. Fuetterer is Director of, and the book can be downloaded for free from his website.

The book is an in-depth study of Social Business, defined by its author as the “set of procedures that generate profitability based on the collaborative characteristics of social media”. The work’s main objective is therefore to help us understand “how to use social media platforms to optimize our profitability in the different areas of our company”, given that within a company, and even within a department, there can be a lack of contact and collaboration so great that it can end up damaging profitability.

The book covers the history of social business, its current moment and its implications, which can help give us clues as to the near future. It also covers several case studies, such as the example of insurance company Mutua Madrileña and its open innovation community,, developed by ideas4all with great success.

Very interesting reading that can help us understand how important, or necessary, internal transformation can be for companies that wish to exploit the potential of everything “social” as a revenue generator and a motivating element for employees, thus becoming a key element in the strengthening of a company’s internal culture.

María Mazariegos from ideas4all

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Internet Award for Ana María Llopis, founder of ideas4all

May 9, 2013

Photo: Maritza Tortolero

The Association of Spanish Internet Users has awarded Ana María Llopis this year’s Internet Award 2013 for her career in the Internet and Innovation sectors. The prize will be awarded this coming May 17, coinciding with World Internet Day.

Apart from being the founder of ideas4all, in 1997 Ana María also founded Openbank, Santander Group’s online bank.

She is, of course, an active social media user who you can follow in various networks:

Twitter @anamariallopis
Her personal blog: Quatremots

Congratulations Ana María!

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This Saturday we turn off the lights for the Planet

March 22, 2013

This Saturday, we will be joining forces with Earth Hour 2013, like we do every year, for the protection of our environment. Last year, “over 7,000 cities in 150 countries turned their lights off in their most important monuments and iconic buildings” in a gesture of support for the movement, and to create awareness of the need to save energy and use it responsibly.

This year, the challenge is even greater as we also try to promote the use of renewable energy and the reduction of CO2 emissions. We can all help make our Planet a better place.

If you too wish to take part, turn off your lights from 8:30 pm to 9:30 pm this Saturday, March 23.

Join us!

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Today is the public launch of the ideas platform Santander City Brain

March 21, 2013

Today sees the official launch of the ideas platform created by Santander’s City Council: enter and take a look! You can sign up and help improve the city of Santander with your ideas.

The platform kicks off with a competition in search of “ideas that use current technology (Internet, Smartphones, Geolocation) to find solutions, improvements and suggestions that are original, innovative or useful. These ideas can be meant for any of the services, products or spaces that Santander provides for its citizens.” An iPad will go to the winner, and the three runners-up will win an iPhone 5.

Tell your friends and take part with your ideas!

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Here is Santander City Brain, the ideas platform launched by Santander’s City Council in collaboration with ideas4all

March 6, 2013

We are pleased to announce the official launch, the next week, of the Santander City Brain, a platform created in collaboration with ideas4all.

The Santander City Brain will look to become an open and transparent space where all of Santander’s citizens can share ideas and projects that will help improve the city.

Apart from Santander’s City Council, the initiative has also enjoyed the support of IBM and Banco Santander, through its technology services company, ISBAN.

Smart cities are key to innovation in urban spaces and we are very glad to be able to take part in a pioneering project such as Santander City Brain. We encourage all of you to come and visit this new amazing platform.

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Our cities are becoming intelligent and you can become part of the brain

January 30, 2013

Image seen on Ingeniería para optimistas

The large cities we know and live in are constantly growing and overrunning rural areas, but this unstoppable growth may have found a point of equilibrium thanks to the technology that will make major urban areas intelligent. This will help reduce excessive population and will make living together easier, as well as processes like distribution and resource allocation. We’re talking about Smart Cities.

New technology has finally reached a stage of development in which it can significantly improve the lives of a city’s inhabitants. A Smart City is one in which technology is made completely available to citizens through intelligent administration, government, economy, mobility, buildings…

There are already examples of Smart Cities like Málaga, Amsterdam, Boston, and rankings like the Top 10 Smart Cities in North America, or the Top 10 Smart Cities in Europe.

There is no unique model for a Smart City, and each city approaches the concept in its own particular way, with different projects and objectives.

The example we want to share here is Santander, a city that is looking to pioneer the movement in Spain inviting its citizens and entrepreneurs to take part in “Santander City Brain”, an open community of ideas in which citizens will be able to participate and, above all, submit projects to improve their city, which may be developed and put into practice.

We are very happy to announce that ideas4all will be the chosen platform for “Santander City Brain”, taking part in this innovative and pioneering project along with Santander’s City Council, ISBAN and IBM. For example, competitions will be organized for entrepreneurs with business projects for the city, with prizes and support to get them started. Now it will be Santander’s own citizens who will continue making their city one of the most intelligent in Spain, thanks to their ideas in different categories such as: energy efficiency, environment, sustainable mobility, city planning and building, etc.

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