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Exercise and do your laundry on this bike

July 23, 2014

Even if an idea seems a little crazy at first, you never know if it is only a matter of time before it becomes reality, as is the case with this fantastic idea for a stationary bicycle and washing machine.

With this invention, you will do your laundry while you pedal, so that not only will you save electricity, you will also be getting in shape.

Although it is only in concept phase for the time being, it illustrates the fact that, sometimes, fusing two things that appear to have nothing in common turns out to be a fantastic idea for very innovative things.

María Mazariegos from ideas4all

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This toothbrush is completely different

July 16, 2014

They say this is the first redesign of the classic toothbrush, in terms of shape and function, since 1954.

The design, called ISSA sees the disappearance of bristles, which are now made of silicone and are more hygienic and better adapted to gums and teeth. The toothbrush is very flexible and rotates in all directions, but the best part is that it works with a battery that lasts 365 uses and recharges in only one hour.

The creators have also prepared a version for kids, with parents being able to know if they have brushed their teeth at least twice a day.

ISSA is undoubtedly an interesting idea, suggesting an evolution of something as essential as the toothbrush. The idea has raised funds through a crowdfunding platform.

María Mazariegos from ideas4all

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Don’t leave any soup in the pot with this new idea

July 14, 2014

Most ideas arise from the need to solve a problem, however small it may be. That is the case with this idea for a ladle with half of its base made of silicone, which makes it easier to serve every last drop of soup in your pot.

The Ladle Sweeper won the Red Dot Concept Design award in 2013.

María Mazariegos from ideas4all

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A small device that helps to save water under the shower

July 10, 2014

An innovative system to save water, here is a small device called Water Pebble that you place in the shower next to the drain, warning you when you are using too much water or if, on the contrary, you are helping to save water.

The first time you use Water Pebble, the device measures the time it takes you to shower and sets this as the average shower time, after which it uses a color system that warns you if you are consuming more than the recommended water usage.

As simple as it is useful.

María Mazariegos from ideas4all

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What if we turned our umbrella upside down?

July 2, 2014

This curious design is called “UnBRELLA” and arises from the idea of being able to close an umbrella in the opposite direction, so that it can stand on its own and dry far more quickly than in its normal position.

María Mazariegos from ideas4all

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With this new diving mask, you won’t want to come out of the water

June 30, 2014

Since there is still a long way to go before we can hope to breathe underwater like fish, as was suggested by an idea we already shared with you here, today we bring you something designed by Tribord: a complete reinvention of the diving goggles and snorkel, which you have all surely used at some time in the beach.

The design is called “Easybreath” and it fuses both elements to create a complete mask where the snorkel is fully integrated at the top for a more natural position. This snorkel also has a locking system that prevents water from entering when you dive underwater.

The mask’s amplitude increases your field of vision and its size allows you to exhale and inhale air more naturally.

It will be available in Decathlon stores for €39.95.

Fantastic evolution, anyone feel like a little underwater fun now?

María Mazariegos from ideas4all

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The water bottle you eat

June 25, 2014

The challenge of recycling is something that continues to inspire many people, who come up with new and innovative ideas like the one you can see in this image.

It is called Ooho, a highly evolved bottle, or quite the contrary depending on your point of view. The fact is, this water recipient is made up of a double gelatin membrane produced by the cooking technique known as “esterification”, using algae and calcium chloride, which do not generate residues and can be eaten

The design won the second prize at the annual Lexus Design Award 2014 as this invention would be a great step towards the reduction of plastic consumption in bottles, something that generates a lot of waste after use. Here is a new, more sustainable and eco-friendly package.

María Mazariegos from ideas4all

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The robot that eats and recycles concrete

June 23, 2014

Concrete is one of the most widely used materials in construction, as well as being one of the most difficult materials to dispose of. Until now, recycling cement was not common during a demolition; debris from construction was disposed of in a dumping site, but little by little, the construction sector is also becoming aware of the need to recycle.

It was a design student who presented this robot known as ERO (precisely the abbreviation of ‘Erosion’). The robot uses pressurized water on the surface of the concrete you wish to remove, thus separating and sucking in its components, such that the metal reinforcement is left clean and ready to be disassembled or reused.

The most surprising and beneficial part of the process carried out by the ERO robot is that it separates and packages components in the same place, meaning you don’t need to carry out any complicated processes later on, thus saving costs and energy.

María Mazariegos from ideas4all

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Any product can be improved

June 16, 2014

The title of this entry, far from looking to be optimistic, is simply realistic: anything can be improved. Nobody said it was easy, but it is possible.

Here are two examples of objects you’ve seen since you were a child, but never thought could be improved.

First of all is a highlighter presented by Japanese company UNI with a new design and one single change that improves the product: the transparent tip that allows you to see what you are highlighting.

The second product is an umbrella, named Flexibler by its creators. The sole improvement here is none other than a flexible handle. The design won the Red Dot Award: Design Concept 2013.

María Mazariegos from ideas4all

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Ideas are fun

June 11, 2014

Not all ideas have to be serious and rational; often ideas simply seem a way to have a good time and here is a great example: SlideRider, a slide for your stairs at home.

María Mazariegos from ideas4all

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