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This idea will get you out of your chair: the smart cushion that corrects your posture

January 29, 2015

We spend an estimated average of 9.6 hours a day sitting down, and our posture affects at least 13 areas of our body, leading to 8 out of 10 people suffering from back pains and aches at some moment in their lives. This kind of information might have sparked the imagination of the creators of Darma, the smart cushion that monitors your posture and sitting habits.

It registers movement and warns you when your posture is incorrect, which will later cause your back pains. It also reminds you when you need to get out of the chair for a moment, by sending a message to your phone.

Any problem has a solution; it’s just a matter of thinking creatively.

María Mazariegos from ideas4all

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The must-have gadget for anglers

January 26, 2015

If you know nothing about fishing, or even if you are an expert angler, it’s hard to imagine all the advantages provided by new angling gadgets. Today, you can access the same technology used in large fishing boats at a fraction of the cost.

One example is this gadget called Deeper: it allows anglers to geo-locate fish in the surrounding area thanks to its small incorporated sonar and a mobile app that receives the information. .

María Mazariegos from ideas4all

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The future of elevators without cables: Magnetic levitation

January 20, 2015

Creating buildings or skyscrapers using far with more complex structures and architectural designs than what we are currently used to has probably been hampered, on more than one occasion, by the difficulty of finding where to position the elevators, an indispensable element inside these buildings.

Elevators are, or at least have been until now, systems for vertical transport. But now, German group ThyssenKrupp has found a way to eliminate the “limitation” of vertical movement.

Magnetic levitation will soon do without cables in elevators as we know them. This is “a method by which an object can be kept floating exclusively thanks to a magnetic field. In other words, the magnetic pressure counteracts gravity.”

Thanks to this new system, elevators will be able to move vertically but also horizontally, opening the door to many possible designs for buildings.

The best way to understand this tremendous breakthrough is to watch the video.

María Mazariegos from ideas4all

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The shape of ideas

January 15, 2015

We love it! By Grant Snider.

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Travel smartly with the smart suitcase

January 13, 2015

The creators of this suitcase thought quite rightly, if there are smart watches, shoes, bracelets… why not a smart suitcase? After all, it might be one of the objects some people use most frequently.

Bluesmart is the smart hand luggage created to make our travels more comfortable and safe, protecting what you carry and showing you its position along the route.

It can be blocked and unblocked remotely through a Smartphone, where you can also see its weight and location at all times thanks to its integrated GPS system. You are alerted whenever the suitcase moves, thus avoiding thefts.

It also has an extra charger in case you run out of battery in your phone or any other gadget, and can’t find a plug in the airport or station you are using for your travels.

Thanks to crowdfunding, they have managed to raise over half a million dollars in funding. Clearly, we are all looking to travel more safely.

María Mazariegos from ideas4all

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Ideas to wrap your gifts this Christmas

January 5, 2015

Christmas gifts can be simple, handmade, and original, they can be the same old gift as last year, or that very special present you didn’t expect… whichever gift it is, they always deserve a good presentation, and they always need to maintain the element of surprise in a package.

Since they are an essential element during the Holiday Season, today we bring you a Pinterest board dedicated exclusively to the most original and creative ideas to wrap a gift with.

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The timer that controls how long you keep the tap open

December 9, 2014

Many of us forget the water tap open for far longer than necessary, in what is the most common way to waste water. Today’s idea is called Water & Time, and is an effective invention to help us save water by controlling how long we keep the tap open.

The idea is a very simple timer that is placed on the tap, we set the amount of time we wish to keep the tap open and when the time runs out, the tap will close automatically.

María Mazariegos from ideas4all

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A good idea to organize your fridge

December 3, 2014

A small idea that’s a great way to organize your fridge, one of those spaces in the house where organization is paramount in order to make the most of the space available.

While some have used creative, homemade solutions like this one to keep their beer and wine bottles, soda cans, etc. organized…

Now, finally, this idea called Bottleloft uses magnets for this fantastic solution to your fridge’s organization.

María Mazariegos from ideas4all

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New hangers to hang your clothes in no space at all

November 27, 2014

Inside Out Hanger looks like your run-of-the-mill hanger, but it actually conceals an innovative design that lets you transform it into two hangers in one, so that you can take full advantage of the space in your closet.

A brilliant, and very practical, idea.

María Mazariegos from ideas4all

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A life-saver for your keys: don’t let them drown!

November 25, 2014

Imagen Firebox

The idea I bring you is specifically dedicated to all those who live near the sea or in contact with water.

Raise your hand if you’ve never lost a set of keys in the water. Well, this idea is the perfect solution to that problem: a small inflatable life-saver is automatically activated to keep the keys from sinking.

María Mazariegos from ideas4all

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