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Reinventing closets to keep your clothes always fresh

August 28, 2014

Air Rod is a very innovative idea, capable of creating a new concept for closets, where innovation until now was limited to rearranging and reorganizing.

This idea is based on the reinvention of the hanger, which is transformed into an air conduct that works like dehumidifier, deodorizer and air freshener. Perfect to keep our clothes smelling great at all times.

Great idea!

María Mazariegos from ideas4all

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The perfect GPS for cyclists

August 25, 2014

Mobility on a bike can still be very much enhanced, making life easier for cyclists. This is something that some ideators have been helping to improve for some time, by sharing ideas that, curiously, are very similar to the one we bring you today: a GPS for bikes.

The idea is already available in the market, and its name is Schwinn CycleNav; it works by combining a mobile app with a device placed on the bike’s handlebar and uses sound and light signals to indicate the right direction. The novelty is that this device is connected to your smartphone via Bluetooth, so that you can store the route after it is set.

María Mazariegos from ideas4all

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The Hammock-Sleeping Bag: two good ideas make up one great idea

August 18, 2014

As we always say here, taking two good ideas and joining them together is a fantastic way of enhancing creativity. It can be done as a game or as an exercise that often leads to extremely innovative products. Here’s a very simple example: the traditional hammock and classic sleeping bag. Why not fuse them together? The result is perfect for people who don’t want to sleep on the floor but do want the warmth and comfort of a sleeping bag.

María Mazariegos from ideas4all

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An idea that cools your beverage underground. Save electricity!

August 13, 2014

Since we welcome any idea that suggests ways to save energy, today we bring you eCool, a can cooling system that uses no electricity at all because it takes advantage of cool temperatures underground.

This compartment can store up to 24 cans and is buried approximately one meter underground in order to cool the cans. Getting them out can also be done without using any electricity, as it uses a manual crank.

María Mazariegos from ideas4all

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Coca-Cola’s 16 ideas for new ways to reuse their bottles

August 6, 2014

Recycling is a great source of inspiration and this Coca-Cola campaign is a wonderful example of what we can come up with if we put our minds to it.

Through the agency Ogilvy & Mather, Coca-Cola have created the “2nd Lives” concept for their bottles, with 16 new bottle caps designed to use their bottles in loads of different and very handy ways.

María Mazariegos from ideas4all

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The future of alarm clocks could look like this…

July 29, 2014

Waking up in the morning is always a little annoying if you hear your partner or roommate’s alarm clock early in the morning. When will they make individual alarm clocks?

We already shared an idea here that looked for a solution to this problem: the pillow alarm clock

And today we bring you another new idea: Acuwake Sock, a half-sock made of micro-vibrators that massage certain acupuncture points in the sole of your foot, waking you up in a much healthier way.

It can be operated through a mobile app that you can even use remotely, and it doesn’t switch off until you get out of bed.

María Mazariegos from ideas4all

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Exercise and do your laundry on this bike

July 23, 2014

Even if an idea seems a little crazy at first, you never know if it is only a matter of time before it becomes reality, as is the case with this fantastic idea for a stationary bicycle and washing machine.

With this invention, you will do your laundry while you pedal, so that not only will you save electricity, you will also be getting in shape.

Although it is only in concept phase for the time being, it illustrates the fact that, sometimes, fusing two things that appear to have nothing in common turns out to be a fantastic idea for very innovative things.

María Mazariegos from ideas4all

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This toothbrush is completely different

July 16, 2014

They say this is the first redesign of the classic toothbrush, in terms of shape and function, since 1954.

The design, called ISSA sees the disappearance of bristles, which are now made of silicone and are more hygienic and better adapted to gums and teeth. The toothbrush is very flexible and rotates in all directions, but the best part is that it works with a battery that lasts 365 uses and recharges in only one hour.

The creators have also prepared a version for kids, with parents being able to know if they have brushed their teeth at least twice a day.

ISSA is undoubtedly an interesting idea, suggesting an evolution of something as essential as the toothbrush. The idea has raised funds through a crowdfunding platform.

María Mazariegos from ideas4all

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Don’t leave any soup in the pot with this new idea

July 14, 2014

Most ideas arise from the need to solve a problem, however small it may be. That is the case with this idea for a ladle with half of its base made of silicone, which makes it easier to serve every last drop of soup in your pot.

The Ladle Sweeper won the Red Dot Concept Design award in 2013.

María Mazariegos from ideas4all

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A small device that helps to save water under the shower

July 10, 2014

An innovative system to save water, here is a small device called Water Pebble that you place in the shower next to the drain, warning you when you are using too much water or if, on the contrary, you are helping to save water.

The first time you use Water Pebble, the device measures the time it takes you to shower and sets this as the average shower time, after which it uses a color system that warns you if you are consuming more than the recommended water usage.

As simple as it is useful.

María Mazariegos from ideas4all

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