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Five surprisingly brilliant ideas to make you visible at night

June 22, 2015

We already shared some innovative and brilliant ideas in the past, meant for cyclists and their safety among cars: the backpack that indicates the cyclist’s maneuvers, the innovative luminous grid to avoid falling from you bike at night, or LightLane, which creates your very own bicycle lane. Today we bring you five new ideas.

Since we can’t always ride in well-lit areas, the best way to make yourself visible, not only in the street, can be to “wear” some of these ideas. Safety elements that make you visible to other pedestrians and vehicles are something that can save your life.

The innovative reflective paint launched by Volvo. This is a spray paint that looks completely transparent at first sight, but after spraying it on any surface (bicycle, clothes, dog leash…) it becomes reflective whenever it is lit.

This helmet has an incorporated light in the front and back . You can use it on a bike, roller skates or skateboard.


Zackees gloves allow you to signal the direction you are going to turn to with light.


Illumiseen belts are available in several colors and they work with a battery for greater autonomy.


Lastly, shoes with luminous soles that are rechargeable thanks to LED technology.

LED Sneakers by Acever

María Mazariegos from ideas4all

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Finally, you can have your own wind turbine in your roof

June 19, 2015

Liam F1

The renewable energy generators we all know are faced with a key challenge in order to expand: their application in urban environments, something that is usually conditioned by their size. Working on smaller designs that can be installed in homes and buildings is essential, as this would no longer require large surfaces.

This is why today’s idea, called LIAM F1, is a great step forward. It is an innovative design for a wind turbine developed by a Dutch company. It is innovative not only because of its size, suitable for any home, but especially because of the shape of its blades, which always look for the best wind direction and achieve a greater energy yield. All this with the least possible noise, so that it does not produce noise pollution in urban areas.

LIAM F1 is capable of producing between 300 and 2,500 kilowatts a year, which would “double the annual energy requirements of a normal home”.

María Mazariegos from ideas4all

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Playing with a jump rope can generate electricity with this idea

June 16, 2015

Jumping Lighting

Jumping Lighting

Luckily there are many innovative minds that don’t ever stop thinking of new ideas to improve the lives of people with less resources. Today’s is a lovely idea that combines fun and electricity. It is a jump rope called “Jumping Lighting” that stores energy while children play with it during the day, and gives off energy at night for LED lighting at home.

María Mazariegos from ideas4all

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Three washing machines in one. A revolutionary design

June 1, 2015

Triple Spin

We have already shared good ideas that reinvent the classic washing machine, like one that doesn’t need electricity, another with a double  drum, a hand held washing machine designed specifically for travelers, or even this one that includes an exercise bike so that you can keep fit while you do your laundry.

But the design proposed today by Triple Spin is the most innovative of all, firstly because it introduces a completely new design compared to all washing machines we’ve seen before. But also, because it would save a lot of time, water and, above all, would be far more comfortable to use.

Its design presents three washing machines in one. This means it is made up of three vertical sections that are completely independent but capable of washing simultaneously. Thanks to a small transparent window in each compartment, we can see what we have inserted into each one.

It is great that you no longer need to wait for enough colored clothes to fill the machine with, or that you don’t need to pile up white clothes so that you can wash them all together.

María Mazariegos from ideas4all

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Your personal trainer will be a mirror

May 25, 2015

smart spot

smart spot

Although there is nothing yet that can replace physical exercise to keep you fit, at least it seems that technology is slowly making its way into gyms to help us all work out in a much more effective way.

What you see here is Smartspot a smart mirror that will become your perfect personal trainer, evaluating your movements and telling you if you are carrying them out correctly. This allows you to be much more effective in each exercise and can be especially useful in avoiding injuries.

María Mazariegos from ideas4all

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With this application the calories you save are donated to a food bank

May 19, 2015



One of the best things about technology is that sometimes it not only helps us in our lives, but can also help to improve the lives of others.

That is the basis for the application FoodTweeks which helps us to eat healthier food by saving calories in the dishes we prepare, while it makes donations to a food bank to feed those who need it most.

The way it works is very simple: you tell the application the food you are going to eat, and the application gives advice on how to reduce the number of calories for that meal, for example by removing some of the ingredients. If you accept to remove those ingredients, the application will donate the eliminated calories to a food bank. Also, if you share the calories you have saved for each meal in your social media, you can double the number of calories in the food bank.

A fantastic idea that uses technology in a very productive way.

María Mazariegos fromideas4all

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Celebrating Internet… #InternetDay

May 17, 2015

Internet is vital in our lives and there’s too much to celeberate. In addition to the celebration in October, we encourage people to celebrate in May too, this Sunday 17th May.

For instance, in France, is the “Journée mondiale de l’internet et des télécommunications & de la société de l’info”, in Germany, the “Heute ist der Welttag des Internets u. Welttag der Telekommunikation u. Informationsgesellschaft”… This means, World Day for Internet and Telecommunications & Information Society #InternetDay #WTISD (source: @FACE_fr).

2015 marks also the tenth year celebrating #InternetDay as “Día de Internet” in Spain (in the begining, in October, then moved to May)… with lots of activities.

Here are the events promoted by (content in Spanish).

On Monday May 18th in the Senate of Spain, besides the award to Carlos Barrabés (Internet Award 2015) for his personal career, as a pioneer in electronic and digital processing trade models, there will be the debate “The Internet influence in the creative process”, which professionals from the world of design, music, theater, fashion and literature such as Elvira Lindo, Vanesa Martin and Josema Yuste and others.

Senate of Spain event (content in Spanish).

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Smart boxing gloves that measure your strength

April 27, 2015



The only limits to technology lie in our own imagination, and yet another example of an object we might never have thought could have technology applied to it are the classic boxing gloves. Puncho are these smart boxing gloves with incorporated sensors that tell you the strength and speed of the punch you throw. The information is transmitted to a mobile app that evaluates and measures your training.

A screen on the surface of the glove shows live data on your punches and movements.

This original combination is one of the winners of the Reddot Design Award 2014

María Mazariegos from ideas4all

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A belt with airbag to protect the elderly in falls

April 21, 2015



One of the typical injuries for elderly people when they fall is a broken hip, which normally entails surgery and a prosthesis, and then the exhausting rehabilitation process. But at last someone has had the great idea of protecting this vulnerable part of the body thanks to a belt with an airbag: Activeprotect.

Any fall can be made less serious by reducing the impact by 90%, according to its inventors, thanks to a system similar to the one used in cars, cushioning falls before the impact.

A fantastic idea that can be used not only by elderly people, also by fans of sports like skiing, cycling, etc.

María Mazariegos from ideas4all

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Mix up 300 cocktails from your mobile phone

April 14, 2015



The title can sound like an exaggeration, but that’s exactly what you do with Somabar, which is something like an evolution of a cocktail shaker that takes full advantage of current technology to offer us, through our smartphone, the possibility of mixing up to 300 different cocktails.

The mobile app lets you select your favorite mixes, but it also offers suggestions for new cocktails you can try, or shows you recipes shared by other users.

The six “Soma Pods” is where you place your six favorite drinks you like to mix, not necessarily alcoholic.


This original idea developed thanks to crowdfunding, may very well be the new small appliance we all want to have in our kitchens.

María Mazariegos from ideas4all

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