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Ideas4all was at the Global Education Forum 2011: ideas for education

October 18, 2011

The second edition of the Global Education Forum was held in Madrid this past October 6. The event brought together innovative ideas to help us improve education and evolve from immobile and rigid education systems, to something that will make the future population ready for a world of technology, and its unquenchable thirst for new ideas.

Some of the people who better understand the changes taking place in education shared their ideas and ideas4all wishes to thank them for attending and supporting the forum, where there was room not only for criticism, but for new solutions and methods to the problems faced by education.

Tony Wagner spoke of passivity in most education systems, “all they really do is create habits, and they are not innovative”. Meanwhile, “only those who innovate in whatever they do will be guaranteed a job in the future”.

Perhaps the most radical changes were suggested by Lisa Nielsen’s ideas:
“I’m sorry for publishing companies, but I don’t believe in text books. They need to reinvent themselves with new IT”…and her view on evaluation methods, “If we don’t need exams in real life, why do we need to worry so much about taking exams at school?”

Daniel Pink insisted on the subject of evaluation, “If you offer a student or a worker more independence, he or she will be more creative. If you offer more money or better grades, they will become robots”.

Some specific projects were mentioned, with tangible examples such as 4education, Transforma España, Edutopia, or Fundación Telefónica’s Movimiento E3, in collaboration with ideas4all.

It might all be summed up in the words of Xavier Sala i Martín, “We need to create an education system where we encourage people to have ideas and make them work”.

You can find more interesting information on GEF 2011 here.
GEF, ideas for a revolution in education
William Atkinson: “There is no one who does not deserve to be taught”


Maria Mazariegos from ideas4all

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The founder of ideas4all attends the inauguration of the 7th Conference of Ibero-American Women Leaders

October 4, 2011

The Spanish minister of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, Trinidad Jiménez, took part in the official inauguration, and stated “we women must try to make the most of this crisis, to conquer new spaces for our own participation, and take a qualitative leap in our struggle for equality”.

Ana María Llopis, CEO of ideas4all and president of the Board of Directors of DIA, S.A., was a keynote speaker on “Parity in an economic, financial and business environment”. In her speech, Ana María stressed, “when a company is committed to women in senior management, it results in benefits for the company, but the introduction of laws that impose quotas is often necessary in order to see significant progress in terms of parity”.

Presentations will continue until October 6, with the participation of 22 Ibero-American women in this forum for reflection and debate, on all the challenges women face in order to achieve equality in the Region. The initiative is organized by Fundación Carolina and the Spanish Institute for Women’s Affairs (Instituto de la Mujer).

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Ferrari opens its doors to the world of ideas with the Ferrari World Design Contest 2011

August 2, 2011

Even Ferrari has now opened the gates to the world of ideas, in search for new creations that are making their way to them from around the world. Every year, Ferrari celebrates the Ferrari World Design Contest, where the world’s youth are asked to submit their ideas for projects that describe how they imagine Ferrari in the future.

Interestingly, this year’s winners are a group of young Koreans who presented a new Ferrari model they called “Eternita’”, including a Hydrogen generator and a superconductor electric engine, as well as breathtaking design.

Luca di Montezemolo, president of Ferrari, stated during the contest:

“Promoting creativity among our youth is an essential strategy in all walks of life.”

We are glad to see how large corporations have come to understand the value of opening their minds to creativity, wherever it may come from.

Seen in psfk

Maria Mazariegos from ideas4all

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A generous and supportive idea: School Land, a school built in Facebook, and becoming reality in Zam...

A generous and supportive idea: School Land, a school built in Facebook, and becoming reality in Zambia

May 26, 2011

Ideas have the ability to lend their support to those who need it most, and UNICEF believes social networks can help their idea make it even further.

UNICEF Spain and ING have created School Land: a game that works as a Facebook application, and lets you participate in the construction of a school in Luapula, Zambia.

The school is ready to take the step from the digital to reality, offering children a place to study, valued at 75,000 €, with the first 20,000 € having been donated by ING, thanks to its ING Chances for Children program.

The game works with real donations, via PayPal, credit card or SMS.
Watch this video to find out how it works:


Maria Mazariegos from ideas4all

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We celebrate Internet Day

May 17, 2011

Today, May 17, is Internet Day and ideas4all wants to celebrate with you.
Because it is the Internet that brings our platform to life, letting us connect with you and your ideas, and allowing us to cooperate with one another.

In this seventh edition, we want to celebrate the fact that the Internet is present in more places than ever, and accessible to more and more people. This graph, presented by Gigaom, shows Internet access by country and the percentage of web users.

The 7th edition of Internet Day takes new technologies out to the streets of 23 countries, thanks to a variety of programmed events, which you can look up here.

Join us!

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ideas4all plants over 400 trees in China, with the help of university students

May 9, 2011

At ideas4all, we are committed to helping our planet, with ideas to make it a better place, making it become somewhere we can all live in, and keeping it that way. That is why ideas4all China, the completely Chinese version of ideas4all, has sponsored a tree-planting campaign, which began this past April 12.

The initiative was open to all university students who registered and submitted an idea in ideas4all China. The result was over 200 students meeting in Fangshan, a district of Beijing, and planting over 400 trees!

Here are some photos of how it went:

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Innovation Day: We’re celebrating by giving a presentation at the conference

April 28, 2011

This coming May 6, Madrid will become the meeting point for creative and innovative minds, brought together by an event organized by Actitud Creativa to celebrate Innovation Day.

The place to be will be the Círculo de Bellas Artes, where for 8 hours, 7 expert speakers will present Creativity and Innovation from different perspectives:

- Creative Thinking: we will see how to generate new ideas that are original and useful
- Innovative Leadership: we will learn how to obtain the support of others for our new ideas
- Co-Creation: will show us the new process of Creative Coaching that transforms creativity into a shared process that can solve difficult problems
- Innovation Culture: we will see how innovation can become a habit for individuals and organizations.

There will be practical activities and the opportunity for Networking throughout the day of the Conference, with companies and innovators sharing their knowledge.

We are happy to announce that Ana María Llopis, founder and CEO of ideas4all, will be one of the speakers, with a conference on “State of the Art Open Innovation”, sharing her experience and the practical example of Banc Sabadell.

You can follow the entire event through these Twitter accounts: @Diadeinnovacion and @ActitudCreativa
And using the hashtag: #diainnovacion

Here is all the information:

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Good ideas for World Health Day

April 7, 2011

Photo via /

Today is World Health Day and to celebrate, we want to contribute our little grain of sand with
some of the good ideas our ideators have shared in the ideas4all Community.

With ideas like these, we can try to make healthcare that little bit better, and help to
overcome the problems and obstacles it faces.

(7435) Save waiting time at hospital emergency services by ideator coriscow

(31059) medical history on patient’s usb memory by ideator davidsh8

(9831) Book-crossing or used book exchange at hospitals by ideator deimos

(40035) pillbox including clock and alarm by ideator alejita0111

(1303) Cheer up hospitals, smiling face masks by ideator Nikita

(6869) Simulator for future surgeons (Nintendo, Sony) by ideator rFlame

(5581) Blood group on ID by ideator ru4mesjl

(1391) Virtual blood bank by ideator rbn

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ideas4all turns off the lights for Earth Hour 2011

March 24, 2011

The entire ideas4all team has decided to join forces with Earth Hour, this coming Saturday, March 26 at 20:30, in the fight against climate change.

For one hour, from 20:30 to 21:30, many of us around the world will use this small gesture to light up awareness for sustainable ideas.

This will be one of the greatest calls for action in the struggle against climate change, Earth Hour 2011.

Join us!

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Ideas to celebrate International Water Day

March 22, 2011

Today we celebrate International Water Day, and there are many ideators who worry about how to save and re-use water. Simply type “water” in the ideas4all search engine, and you will find 1,000 results, all of which are ideas… some as good as these:

(36878) Re-use water from the shower to flush the toilet
(1684) Cheap and simple system to avoid wasting water at home
(40948) Wasted water
(82162) Recycle distilled water generated by air conditioning systems
(10603) recycle cold water

We have also paid close attention in our blog to projects that have been developed with water in mind: make access to water easier for those who need it most, ways of obtaining drinking water, saving and re-using water.

Take another look at our blog entries here:

Clean water for all
From rooftop to garden, how to take advantage of rainwater
Filter water through solar light. Brilliant idea!
Save water, even in the shower
A new bathroom system that helps save water. You can now wash your hands at ease.
Bware Water Meter, an homage to simple ideas
Let’s save water!
The thirst-quenching umbrella

Lastly, we’d like to let you know that today, our Twitter account @topideas4all, sister account of @ideas4all, is also focusing on water-related ideas and companies.

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