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We’re launching a new Challenge: Ideas for the Fashion world. Join us!

September 22, 2015

Reto de la Moda

The most important fashion catwalks are warming up for the launch of a new season. But before they begin, we want to share our ideas with them: models, fashion shows, organization, logistics, scenarios, locations, designs… all the ideas you can think of are welcome.

And through our account @ideas4allus we will spread shared ideas around the world to give them more visibility.

So, how would YOU improve the world of Fashion? Come in and share your ideas.

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Imagination and Innovation can give objects a second life

April 2, 2013

We present a new challenge, in which we look for ideas that can extend the life of products we use daily and then throw away without thinking twice. What if we did something with them? We can lengthen the life of many products by giving them new uses.

There are already many examples of how we can give objects a second useful life, with a little imagination and inventiveness.

Here are some examples that will inspire you:
Sprout, a pencil that holds a seed inside it, so that you can plant it when you’re done with it.

Red Leaf Project, paper coasters that also contain seeds that can be planted after they have been used

We even found other ideas as original as transforming an old T-shirt into a belt.

And why not check out all of these inspiring ideas, which you can find in our Pinterest board, “Handmade ideas”.

What are you waiting for? Share your ideas!

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We’re sidestepping any old crisis this holiday season

November 13, 2012

Holiday season is near for many different cultures. Christian Christmas, the Jewish Hanukkah, Diwali for the Hindus and the Muslim New Year. We want to bring together ideas on how to celebrate in style this year, even if the economic situation in many countries is far from ideal.

Ideas that can help you save money, as well as teach us all new ways to celebrate, ideas for gifts, decoration, what to cook…

Come on in and share your ideas or find just what you need for your Holiday.
What are you waiting for!

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Eco-friendly Halloween with recycled materials

October 26, 2012

Reto halloween

This year, we’re launching a Special Challenge to celebrate Halloween in a way that s respectful with the environment. We would like you to share any ideas you have that will help us dress up and build Halloween decorations with material that can be recycled.

All you need is a little imagination, and you can transform empty bottles, old clothes and some cardboard into fantastic costumes.

To take part, just enter ideas4all’s homepage and click on the button “Send idea”, which you’ll find under this terrifying Special Challenge.

Come on and share your ideas!

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We’re looking for ideas that will make cities more intelligent ¿What are yours?

September 21, 2012

A urban revolution is here thanks to the technology now available, capable of giving rise to what is known as the Smart City. Current technology such as data transfer, geolocation, etc. makes life easier for citizens in more sustainable urban spaces.

These advances now make it possible to interact with the environment we live in, for instance by looking up which areas of the city have more traffic, or where you can find special shopping offers in town.

In the new Month´s Challenge, we want you to share ideas that will make your city more intelligent and technological, delivering us a better quality of life.

Until October 31th.

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Innovative ideas for the conservation of our beaches

September 17, 2012

This week saw the end of our Challenge in search for ideas that will help improve and protect our beaches, an extremely fragile natural habitat that needs us to help clean and protect it.

Out of a total of 70 ideas received, check them out here. These are a few that we found particularly innovative and original:

(134901) Beach sponsored and cleaned by “…..” by oliver_bcn
(136506) Rescue Zip-line in crowded beaches by zebyaneitor
(136518) Lockers for surfers and swimmers by tatiso
(135091) Cold footsteps so you won’t burn your tootsies by KyO
(135483) Local ice cream ranked by visitors by delsant09
(135041) Beach PR by ELTELERA
(135737) Beach App by ELTELERA


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Summer Challenge: Ideas to improve and protect our beaches

July 18, 2012

Practically all of us have been on a beach vacation at some time, while many live on the coast or have seen pictures of beaches that are packed with people during the summer. That is why we want you to share ideas with us that will improve our natural spaces next to the sea and help to protect and keep them the relaxing and enjoyable areas they now are.

Do you have ideas that will improve and protect our beaches?

You can share them from July 16th to September 5th.

Here is all the information on the Challenge.

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New Challenge of the Month to support bicycles in cities: Come ride with us!

June 11, 2012

You can share your ideas until July 15th and help achieve the complete recognition of bicycles as a viable means of transportation.

Traffic congestion and pollution are at their highest ever, parking your car isn’t getting any easier, and public transportation is that little bit more expensive every year. Bicycles, on the other hand, are green and healthy, and a good solution that is becoming more and more prominent in urban areas.

Think about it, we want to hear your ideas!
Here is all the information.

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Challenge of the Month extended until May 31

April 27, 2012


The latest Challenge of the Month, sponsored by Fundación Promete, will be extended one more month, until May 31. You therefore have more time to send your ideas as we look towards the future of education and try to uncover what schools will be like in 10 years’ time.

Now you can make the most of this extension to participate with your ideas, there’s no limit to how many, so post as many as you want! You can win one of the three 100€ prizes that are up for grabs!

Remember that in order to take part in the Challenge, you must submit your idea using the “I have an idea” button in the Challenge of the Month section, which you’ll find in the ideas4all homepage.

Here is all the information you need.

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New sponsored Problem and a 300€ prize. Make them yours!

April 23, 2012

Now you can take part and solve the new Problem sponsored by Prescal, as we set ourselves the goal of finding a tool that is already available in the market, and can be used to teach and attend distance-learning courses.

The solution to this problem will be of help to a Spanish Training company that is looking to implement a distance-learning course (virtual training, E-Learning), using tools that are already available in the market and that are inexpensive, suitable for the task, and make a distance-learning course as similar to attending class as possible.

There is a 300€ prize for the best proposal, selected by the problem’s sponsor, Prescal. You can share your solutions until May 30.

Access the problem here and share your solution.

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