Now you can connect your ideas4all and GNOSS profiles

You can now view your ideas4all activity within GNOSS, the knowledge network, and vice versa. This will allow users of both networks to check on their latest activity in both social networks in a way that is completely integrated.

Connecting profiles in both networks is very simple. Here are the easy steps you will need to follow.

In order to connect your profiles in ideas4all, follow these steps:
- Register or sign in to ideas4all with your user name and password.
- Access ‘My profile’, which you will find under the Personal tab in the Menu bar.
- At the bottom of the “Recommended Applications” list, you will find a GNOSS image next to a “Connect” button; Click on “Connect”.
- Lastly, finalize the process by clicking on “Send”.

You are now connected. If you want to see the GNOSS widget, go to “My Page” under the Personal tab.

If you wish to connect your profiles in GNOSS, follow these steps:
- Register or sign in to GNOSS with your user name and password.
- Access ‘My profile’ (on the top left of the page) and click ‘Edit profile’.
- In your profile’s edit menu, go to ‘Websites’ and follow the instructions under section ‘Recommended website: ideas4all’. The application will request permission to access using your user name and password, and will include the widget with your ideas4all activity in your personal profile.

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