Prestigious universities disembark in Africa

IESE has set in motion The Africa Initiative at IESE, a new project to promote diverse activities at the school, related to Africa.

One of the main objectives is to coordinate and promote academic relations with Lagos Business School, Nile University and Strathmore Business School, helping in the training of African professors, supporting the creation and launch of other associated management schools, and contacting and cooperating with the different active organizations and entities that are interested in Africa, already present in there, or that are considering the possibility of including the African continent in their business strategy.

An initiative that shows knowledge and value can be generated, while bringing about education and training that favors awareness for social issues. Social awareness is no longer a utopia, it is a reality, and IESE, with its prestige and professionalism, gives this project an aura of elegance and assured success, as it seeks to involve that great continent that is AFRICA.

Because, if this type of initiative really does manage to boost the development of countries in need, through education (universities and business schools), it will truly become a memorable milestone.

For talent, as well as creativity, attract more talent and greater creativity; if we are capable of creating ties of cooperation and exchange, and of developing the economy of such countries through education, positive results will soon appear.

Many writers and specialists, such as Richard Florida (Who’s Your City?) and Joelkotki, among others, have analyzed the urban environment defining different behaviors, classifying cities by their creativity and other variables, and showing the individual as an accurate reflection of the city he or she represents.

Initiatives such as these go to show that it is the individuals who can create cities and countries in which education, innovation, and international cooperation are the vital signs its citizens promote in search for an environment that is comfortable enough to feel proud of the city we live in.

Rocío Bravo of Ideas4all

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