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Hundreds of robots sailing through your veins

August 7, 2009

Thanks to the piece of news we are about to comment, we’ve made our first contact with technology which will, possibly, have an ever greater significance in the field of nanotechnology.

We’re talking about MEMS or Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems. It’s very complex to summarize, but if you find the subject interesting enough, you can find out more in Wikipedia’s article.

For now, we will tell you about an idea based on this technology, that we discovered thanks to the editors of blog Fayer Wayer: robots of one millimeter in diameter capable of traveling through our veins and arteries.

Scientists at the Israeli Institute of Technology Technion are developing new medical techniques which, in the future, will help in the diagnosis of internal problems of the circulatory system, and these minute robots may even be able to help in solving said problems. Such could be the case when treating an obstructed artery or specific types of cancer.

This is obviously all at a theoretical stage, but an interesting door opens. They could eventually be equipped with microscopic cameras, which would assist in diagnosing. What does seem certain is that these robots would not run on an engine, but move thanks to magnetic fields exerted from outside the patient’s body, meaning doctors would not be dependent on a power source which could run out at a critical moment. Also, we know they will move at a speed of 9 mm per second inside our bodies.

Original source: Australian PC Authority

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