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Supportive Engineering Contest

May 27, 2008

The University School of Industrial Technical Engineering of the Polytechnic University of Madrid is organising the first Supportive Engineering Contest for students of this university who are currently engaged in their final project.

The final projects must have the purpose of improving one of the following aspects:

1 – Development in Third World countries.
2 – The water supply, drainage and hygiene in areas at a socio-economic disadvantage.
3 – Renewable energies, energy saving, sustainability and/or recycling in developing countries.
4 – The standards of living of disabled persons and other social groups in a situation of disadvantage.

The aim of this Supportive Engineering Contest of the University School of Industrial Technical Engineering is that of stimulating ingenuity, innovation, an interest in studying, and social and intercultural concern among the students of the Polytechnic University of Madrid. Likewise, it also aims to promote technological solutions to the problems encountered by depressed areas and that may be implemented.

The prizes of this projects contest are the following:

GOLD RIBBON” or First Prize, worth 1,000 €.
“SILVER RIBBON” or Second Prize, worth 600 €.
“BRONZE MEDAL” or Third Prize, worth 300 €.

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What if …? children redesign the Google logo

May 27, 2008

The idea of promoting initiative among children, within their school environment, is a new initiative of Google’s, whose purpose is that of redesigning its famous logo.

Doodle 4 Google is a contest in which 12,000 schoolchildren have participated and whose winner has been Grace Moon, a 6th grader at Canyon Middle School in Castro Valley, California. The name of the winning logo is “Up in the Clouds” and it has been visible in the Google searcher throughout the whole of 22nd May. One can also see the other works presented, organized by age groups, in the website of the contest.

What if …? is not merely a contest, for every detail has been carefully conceived by Google for the event to act as a good complement for the educational programme in the schools it has taken place in, contributing a series of tutorials on how to integrate the contest in the school curriculum.

Google has been long organising all manner of contests to promote initiative, especially among professionals of the technology sector. Now, with this contest, Google has also sought to reach children, who in a few years’ time will be adults working in all types of companies and sectors. It is with this contest that Google has approached its future professionals and in some way complemented the relationship it has with the world of education via Google for Educators.

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Welcome to the 1400 pilot Beta testers in INDIA, UK, USA. Share ideas with

May 23, 2008 welcomes  the 1.400 pilot online Beta testers in INDIA, UK, USA. Share your ideas with all of us.

We are here to listen to your experience and comments with our site, in the same manner we have done so with those of our Friends and Family testers and on line focus groups, taking place this month.

And as Albert Camus once wrote

                “All great deeds and all great thoughts, have ridiculous beginnings”

We welcome all participants who will start navigating in Beta version today. We appreciate your thorough navigation, comments and evaluations as well as your ideas, problem postings, interactive collaboration in voting, and commenting. See how your Brain-Fu grows, Brain-Fu is an expression of the contribution you have made to the Global Brain, a kind of karma competitive point system that rewards you, based on your participation.

Please enter all pages, site corners and play with as many functionalities as possible during the 4 days the test lasts. And if you like what you see and find it useful, entertaining, educational, intriguing, involving, engaging, innovative, rewarding, challenging, or other that motivates you, join the Million ideas Mission and stay with us as an active registered user for as long as you want, i.e. forever…

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LG Innovation Challenge

May 22, 2008

LG Innovation Challenge

The world of mobile telephones is highly competitive and mobile pone manufacturers have to look for the best ways of innovating in terms of the development of new mobile phones. If, not long ago, a Nokia competition took place, now it is LG that is announcing a contest to design the next generation of their mobile telephones.

LG Innovation Challenge is offering a 10,000 dollar prize to the winner, a second prize of 5,000 dollars and a third prize of 3,000 dollars. Each one of the recipients will also be given different LG products, the most outstanding of which is a 52″ LCD screen for the winner.

The term for sending the designs is now over and the winners will be announced on 31st May.

In addition to the prizes for the winners, these contests are very interesting in that they make it possible to detect trends in the world of mobile phone technology. Also for designers, they constitute a good way of making themselves known and increasing their possibilities of a contract with some major manufacturer of electronic devices.

Almost since the very beginnings of mobile telephony, its manufacturers have entered a frenzied race to offer novel products, with very attractive designs and new functionalities, but it must be said that different and revolutionary creations were rare. The case may be that the development of mobile phones is marked by the introduction of small improvements that are jointly leading to their being increasingly powerful and capable to doing practically anything we want (photos, videos, gps, mp3,…).

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Mango Fashion Awards

May 22, 2008

Mango Fashion Awards

As we have seen, technology companies are promoting innovation by means of design contests, which is something fashion companies are now doing as well, Mango being a case in point, with the prizes herein presented.

Mango Fashion Awards has the support of five prestigious international design schools and aims to promote and enhance the international projection of young designers. The contest is open during the whole of May and the 10 finalists will be given a joint prize of 300,000 euros to be shared among them.

The organisation will choose the 50 best designers among all those who enter for the contest and, out of these fifty, the jury of the design schools will select the best 10.

The five fashion design schools that support the contest and are part of the jury are: la Central Saint Martins School of Art and Design (London); the Escola Superior de Disseny, ESDi (Barcelona); the Institut Français de la Mode (Paris); the Istituto Marangoni (Milan-Paris-London) and the Koninklijke Academie voor Schone Kunsten van Antwerpen (the Royal Academy of Arts of Antwerp).

The winners of the contest, in addition to receiving the prize in money, will be able to see how their creations are exposed in the media and how they are given different options to market their fashion collections.

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Anyone can have ideas.

May 22, 2008

Ideas are everywhere. You can find them hiding behind the plant pot, or maybe they’re outside, on the lawn. Perhaps you just have to let them in through the door, then stop them from jumping out the window and running away again.One thing’s certain: we can all have ideas, simple or sophisticated.

You can.

I can.

That’s what’s so great about them.One of my favorite ideators was Percy Shaw of Halifax, Yorkshire in England. Who he? Well, he was a road mender from a very large family, who helped supplement his father’s meagre salary by selling surplus fruit and vegetables from the family garden.

But you see his ideas every night. Millions of them, blinking at you. He invented the cat’s eye, that incredibly useful device that lights the way along roads in the dark.

That was a great idea from a humble ideator, but smart people have ideas too and you don’t get much smarter than Nobel prize winners. In 2006 all five of them talked about their ideas. Of those, three testified that they have ideas when talking to people.

So, people – all people, any people – are important to ideas. They have ideas, and they help each other have ideas. This is very cool.You’re a person (unless you’re a bot scanning this page), and it’s probable that you can talk, right? So talk!

By doing this, you’re helping yourself, and others, to have ideas.The greatest thing about talking is that we can now talk so much more and share our ideas. Just dial into the web and you can talk to anyone about pretty much anything. Actually, I’d prefer it if you dialed into ideas4All, obviously…

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May 15, 2008

I read 2 moth ago in the Dumb Little Man Tips for Life a blog article referring to the five things you shouldn’t worry about when blogging


And in it there was a section addressing do not to worry about running out of ideas .His recommendation is to write them down somewhere for when you are in need for them I think this not only applies to the blog editors and writers it applies to everyone truing to remember ideas big or small that can change things, their life’s society in general, let juts write them down and now post them in ideas4all why not it would be your and everyone else’s reservoir a reminder that can spark other ideas, that can generate co.creation…

And I quote Dumb Little Man

“However, think about it; there is a huge amount of inspiration out there. Regardless of whether it is from reading books or websites or just from talking to people, there is always something out there that can spark a new idea when you need it. If you really want to make the most of it, jot down those ideas for use at a later date. You will quickly create a backlog of potential posts. It’s shocking how many ideas get lost simply because they don’t get written down”

This Little man also had in a previous article the 50 creativity Muses you can court for fresh ideas

Some of which were, your library, insects, a pregnant woman, a triangle, a spider web, finger paints, your greatest fear , what your conscious whispered in your ear, etc, etc, etc…

Think about your inspiration Muses as well as the places and location where you are most creative… and write to us about them… write down your ideas and share them

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British library has a Business and IP centre to support ideas and British entrepreneurs.

May 14, 2008

The British Library launched in March 2006 its Business and IP centre to launch 25.000 new businesses start-ups and SMEs within 5 years. The Business & IP Centre is a British Library initiative, it supports entrepreneurs and SMEs from the initial spark of inspiration through to successfully launching and developing a business.

Some of its partners are:


  • Business Link London ,
  • Business Plan Services in association with London Business School,
  • Centa Business Services,
  • Create KX,Dynamic Asian Women’s Network (DAWN),
  • GK Partners,
  • Halebury Ventures Limited,
  • Integra Communications Ltd,
  • Invention Intelligence
  • It has recently launched in facebook and already has 1.500 members

    They feature an inspiring entreprenuers section below some examples taken from their web here are specifically teenpreneurs, there are others social, it, orient express, Stelios ans easyjet, ethical, music etc.

    I recommend you browse the site for inspiration

    1. Fraser Doherty – launched his Superjam business aged just 14 and now supplies to some of the UK’s largest retailers including Waitrose and Tesco.
    2. Ben Way – millionaire in his teens and now founder of the innovations and corporate venturing company, Rainmakers
    3. Emily Cummins – 19-year-old Technology Woman of the Future 2006 and the inventor of a solar-powered refrigerator that could transform rural communities in Africa
    4. Wilson Chowdry – founder and managing director of AA Security

    They produce videos of some of their events like the 22 April Desperately seeking finance with Julie Meyer from Ariadne Capital:


    and Doug Richards founder of TV Program Dragons Den:


    It has a news letter, in the May issue it features opportunities for the 2010 London olympics, advice from experts into getting funding for your ideas as well as coaches and conferences for start-up entrepreneurs. They have must activities amog which is one on the 22nd May if you happen to be in London here is the information”Getting you and your business media coverage is the focus of the Star Entrepreneur event. Learn from journalists from the BBC’s Working Lunch, The Daily Telegraph, The Sunday Times, Financial Times, Real Business and Growing Business and find out what they are looking for in a story. In addition, PR experts will cover what public relations agencies can and cannot do for you, how much they should cost and what a difference they can make to a growing business.Richard Branson would not be where he is today without publicity. Bill Gates said if he had one dollar left and it was a choice between advertising and PR, he’d spend it on PR. This is a unique opportunity to find out about raising your profile, reducing your costs and boosting your sales – all through PR and media coverage.

    Time: 09.45 – 13.00 Date: Thursday 22 May 2008

    Place: British Library Business & IP Centre Cost: £45

    How to book: Book online All images from the web

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    Green Gadget Design Competition

    May 9, 2008

    Green Gadget Design Competition

    The Green Gadget Design Competition is an interesting contest specialising in the invention of devices that, in some way or other, contribute to the improvement of the environment, whether it be through the saving of water or energy, the reduction of the emission of polluting substances, the recycling of materials, ...

    The website of this competition shows a great many inventions, one of which may be developed and contribute to the improvement of the environment, as proposed by its inventor.

    The winning project at the contest this year is called EnerJar, and it is a device that anyone can make and which serves the purpose of allowing people to determine the energy consumption of the appliances and other devices functioning with electricity in their homes.

    If people acquire an awareness in term of energy saving and gain information on the consumption of the appliances, they will be able to act appropriately to minimise electrical consumption.

    The Green Gadget Design Competition is an initiative by the Core77 website, which specialises in information on design themes. The event took place in New York in February within the framework of the Greener Gadgets conference.

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    LG and CrowdSpring mobile design Competition. Design your mobile phone and win a 20,000 $ prize IMMINENT PILOT TEST GUESTS WELCOME

    May 4, 2008

    Dear all, in one day time, the 5th of May, we have the imminent launch of pilot tests. Please receive a warm welcome from all the ideas4all team will become soon an IDEAGORAS, A PUBLIC ARENA AND EXCITING IDEAS AND PROBLEMS MARKETPLACE PLATFORM AND NETWORK. Be part of it and become an ideator, comment on ideas and problems, vote them, rank them, accept the challenges of questors, or of our own team and project challenge, we all have the privilege of this preview in which we have no doubt you will all participate and help us correct and fine-tune all needed changes.

    We invite you as well as those that will find our ideas in the open world Oceans reservoir to make possible, that between all of us, we Post a Million ideas as soon as possible. Please once the pilot period is gone invite your friends, colleagues and family members to this challenging journey.

    We welcome all of those invited for the Navigation Panel test as well as all the Friends and Family test guests to sail on our seas and tell us about the waters you find and which storms and mishaps need to change in order to calm down your navigation paths to a higher participation and spreading the word around the global brain.

    We want to be the Global Brain under construction with a Million ideas, and then… we will all be much more than that…

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